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Aevidum Club

Aevidum is the name of the group and it is a word that means “I’ve Got Your Back.”  The club will strive to shatter the myth of mental health issues and bring awareness to the fact that depression is an illness and it is nothing to be embarrassed by or hide.  The students in the club will be given information on mental health issues and refer students to guidance or adult staff at the school for help.  The intent is for more students to recognize the signs and symptoms of depression. 

FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America)

Our mission is to bring business and education together in a positive working relationship through innovative leadership and career development programs.  Students have the opportunity to attend workshops and competitions where they will listen to motivating keynote speakers, participate in interactive workshops related to business and leadership, and compete against thousands of FBLA students from around the state or country!  FBLA gives students a competitive edge in college, career, and life experiences. 


Foreign Language Activities Group

Fresh Mentos

The Fresh Mentors are a volunteer organization of upperclassmen who buddy up with freshman students to ease the transition between middle school and high school. Mentors provide their freshman with a peer support system to guide them through their first year at GSHS. The group meets to socialize and discuss strategies to survive and thrive in high school. 

Future Medical Careers

Garden Spot High School Band

Grassland FFA

Grassland FFA is one part of the Agricultural Curriculum at Garden Spot High School.  FFA provides students with opportunities to develop leadership skills and to apply learned classroom skills in various Career Development Events.


Garden Spot Gifted



Math Team

The math team participates in a series of 6 competitions with schools across the state of Pennsylvania.

Model UN

National Honor Society

The National Honor Society recognizes outstanding high school students. NHS recognizes students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Character. Students are not only recognized for their accomplishments, but are challenged to further their involvement with their school and community. The NHS Chapter at Garden Spot sponsors a yearly Blood Drive, works with senior citizens at Garden Spot Village, and works on various projects at school throughout the year that promote school spirit and scholarship.  More information about NHS can be found at the National Honor Society Website.

Quiz Bowl

Science Club/Olympiad

Science Olympiad offers the unique opportunity for students to prepare and enter in teams of 2 or 3 students in a variety of areas such as Earth & Space Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Technology and Engineering according to their interests. School teams are made up of 15 students and each student is expected to prepare and enter in at least 2 different competitions.

SEA (Spartan Environmental Awareness)

SEA Club promotes environmental awareness. The club works with the school to help recycle. The group is also concerned with environmental issues and will work to come up with solutions to those that their community faces.


Spartanus Yearbook

SPOTVB Club (Volleyball)

This club is designed for any student who would like to engage in some competitive pick up volleyball games during flex periods every other Friday afternoon.  Members of the club are not required to be members of the Boy's or Girl's Volleyball teams.

Student Advisory

Student Council

Student Council is a student activities club.  The main responsibilites are to facilitate student activities throughout the school.  Student Council conducts homecoming elections and celebrations, some school dances, Garden Spot Mini-Thon, and class officer elections.

Technology Student Association

TSA (Technology Student Association) is an extra-curricular area that provides students with the opportunity to compete in various technology related areas.  There are two competitions that take place during the school year.  The first is the regional competition that takes place at Millersville University during February each year.  The students that qualify at the regional competion are eligible to compete in the state competition that takes place at Seven Springs Resort during the month of April.

Varsity Club

Varsity Club is for those student athletes that have recieved a varsity letter.  Varsity Club members are able to order a varsity jacket and must  complete a certain number of service hours for the school. Some examples of activities throughout the year include, activities with Garden Spot Village, fundraisers, trips to sporting events, etc.

World de Amigos

World de Amigos welcomes anyone who wants to celebrate and learn about the many cultures and ethnicities represented in our school population. The club's purpose is to educate our student population about multicultural issues and build bridges of tolerance and appreciation with and for our students and community.  These goals are accomplished by having activities such as watching foreign films, inviting guest-speakers, going on field trips, planning a world-fair, visiting interested community organizations to form partnerships, and fund-raising for the club. 

YPC  (Youth Peace Council)

Youth Peace Council is a club whose members promote tolerance and a safe school environment.  The club attends the Lancaster YPC chapter meetings at the I-U 13 building monthly.  Our school chapter raises awareness regarding issues of diversity, drug and alcohol and violence. YPC also works to prevent bullying and discrimination in Garden Spot.  The club meets twice a month to discuss these issues, raise money for charities and bring in various speakers on social issues facing youth today.