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Attendance in class is an important factor in successfully mastering a course. Each day of absence means that something was missed. It shall be the student's responsibility to see his/her instructor and make arrangements for completing the work missed immediately upon his/her return to school. Failure to do so could result in a failing grade for the work missed. Excessive absences could result in failing a course or grade.

Daily Attendance Procedures

Upon return to school from any absence, the student will be required to submit a valid excuse card/note to the attendance officer. It will be the student's responsibility to visit the attendance officer prior to 7:35 am and get to homeroom on time. All excuse cards/notes for absences that were not pre-approved should be turned in on return to the school. A student will have three (3) days to turn in a properly completed excuse. If not turned in, the absence will be declared unexcused. (See note *)

All requests for leaving school during the school day must be made in writing and given to the attendance officer by 8:00 am.

ELANCO students are allowed to take up to five (5) educational travel days with their family yearly. These days are considered legal absences only if the appropriate educational travel forms have been submitted two (2) days prior to the date of the travel. Additional educational travel days will be considered only in extraordinary circumstances. College visitations and testing will require a signed note form the institution to verify attendance at their program. This form should be given to the attendance officer within 2 days of return to school. Failure to do so will result in a warning and if not turned in the next day, the absence will be unexcused.

All excuses for absence will be checked by the attendance officer against this list of approved reasons for excused absence: illness or injury, family emergencies, major religious holidays, exceptionally urgent reasons - school approved, pre-approved education travel days, authorized school activities.

Any absence for illness/injury which extends beyond five consecutive school days should be covered by a doctor's excuse.

All students, regardless of age, must have the signature of the adult responsible for him/her for school purposes on any excuse. Only students who are legally emancipated and have the proper paperwork on file with the Home/School Visitor may sign their own excuses. The validity of the parent's signature will be determined by the attendance officer.

A student's absence will be designated unexcused if it does not agree with listed, approved reason for absence. An absence will also be designated unexcused if an invalid/forged signature is on the excuse, if the student fails to turn in a valid excuse within three (3) days of his/her return to school, or if any request for dismissal (early or entire day) is invalid or not submitted in the fashion as described in those respective sections under the attendance procedures. Students arriving after 9:30 am but before 12:00 pm will be charged one half (1/2) day of absence. Students arriving after 12:00 pm will be charged with a full day of absence.

* Unexcused and illegal absences and tardies will result in detention hall assignments, loss of driving privileges, and the inability to make up missed school work and assignments.

Athletic Participation

In compliance with the regulations of the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association (P.I.A.A.), participants in interscholastic athletics must be passing two credits which must be major subjects to be eligible to participate. Every week, grades will be reviewed to determine eligibility. Athletes found ineligible may not participate until the next grade review.

Note: Students may not participate in that day's extra curricular activity (either athletic or non-athletic, as a participant) if not in the school by 8:00 am, unless the absence has prior approval by an administrator or guidance counselor, the students was at a doctor's appointment and provides verification form the doctor, or the administrator in charge of attendance approves the absence is valid. (Example - funeral service, college visit, testing, etc.)