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Post-Secondary Planning

The Garden Spot High School counseling department is committed to providing comprehensive, developmental counseling services to all students. Below is information regarding the post-secondary planning services counselors provide to students at each grade level.

Freshmen receive classroom guidance lessons focused on academic success in high school. Students will meet individually with the 9th grade counselor to discuss course selection, four year planning and career and educational goals beyond high school.

Sophomores recieve classroom guidance lessons to help them better understand how their academic performance is connected to their post-secondary goals. Students will meet indiviudally with their counselor to discuss course selection, academic planning and post-secondary planning.

Juniors recieve classroom guidance lessons with a focus on the college application process, financial aid, career training, military opportunities and joining the workforce. Counselors help students explore Naviance, a college and career research tool and college application management system.

Seniors will attend a presentaiton at the very beginning of their senior year helping them navigate the process of applying to colleges. In the Fall, counselors meet with senior individually to conduct the senior interview, helping every student actively pursue their post-secondary goals.

To view timelines for post-secondary planning, please see the "Guidance Documents" page.