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Student Activities

Class of 2021

Advisor(s): Kristen Soper / Ann Williams


The Class of 2021 is an elected representative of students graduating in 2021 who plan fundraisers and events benefitting both the class of 2021 specifically and the rest of the school. We work to spread community in the school and plan fun and worthwhile events for students to attend.


Class of 2022

Advisor(s): Katie Swinehart


Class of 2023

Advisor(s): Jeff Martin / Mark Leaman


Class of 2024



Garden Spot eSports

Advisor(s): Zach Fulmer / Jon Long


Garden Spot Performing Arts (GSPA)

Advisor(s): Hillary Martin


Grassland FFA

Advisor(s): Katie Ranck / Ashley Peirson


The FFA is a national organization that is committed to the individual student, providing a path to achievement in premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education. FFA is an intracurricular student organization for those interested in agriculture and leadership. It is one of the three components of Garden Spot High School’s agriculture program along with the classroom and laboratory instruction and the supervised agriculture experience (SAE).


LEO Club

Advisor(s): Kristen Soper


The LEO Club is a community service club aimed towards making our school, New Holland, and the entire world a little bit better through volunteerism and charity. We both plan and attend community service events such as helping at the Ronald McDonald House of Hershey and holding canned food drives to support those in need. We also hold fundraisers to donate to organizations such as the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and KIVA. This is a student-led organization working to help others and spread positivity in our community.


Model UN

Advisor(s): David Trok


National Honor Society

Advisor(s): Jen Harris / Brad Harris


Quiz Bowl



Science Olympiad

Advisor(s): Bill Swinsburg / Manfred Eller


The Science Olympiad Club prepares students for the regional and state Science Olympiad Competition. Students should have an interest in all areas of science. Students will be actively engaged in learning and building projects during the Fall and Winter months so that they can compete at the regional Science Olympiad competition in the Spring. Students will work independently with the help of their advisers to problem-solve, complete projects, and gain new science knowledge in areas of their interest. Students should also expect to meet once a week during after school hours to build projects and prepare for the competition.


Spartanus Yearbook

Advisor(s): Gail Ertzgard


Student Council

Advisor(s): Chris Epler


Technology Student Association (TSA)

Advisor(s): Joe Steinmacher / Mike Stitzer


TSA is a club that allows students to work with their hands, build projects, and use them in competitions with other high school students across the state.  Students in TSA will learn skills related to problem- solving, collaboration, perseverance, technology, and engineering.