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Exceptional Education

Honors Courses

Honors courses are available to students in the Communications Department as an academically challenging English course for students in grades 9-12. Honors courses are also available in the Math Department for math course in grades 9-12. The Humanities Department offers an Art Honors program for students in grades 11 and 12. These departmental prepared courses are academically challenging and designed for capable students in the various areas. Interested students must notify their teacher of the subject desired and follow the application process for the Honors courses. See individual course descriptions.

Advanced Placement Opportunities

Students may earn college credit and/or advanced standing at some colleges by achieving a high number score on Advanced Placement tests offered by the College Board at the high school in May of each school year. Students can prepare for these tests by enrolling in Advanced Placement courses. While a fee is charged by the testing company for each test, the fee is a fraction of the per-credit cost of courses at the college level. Interested students should consult their guidance counselor.

Independent Study

The independent study must be a planned course in Garden Spot High School's present curriculum. Due to the existing schedule, independent study opportunities are extremely limited. Students interested in applying for a course of independent study should discuss this interest with the Department Chairman of the subject area involved and their guidance counselor. The student may be scheduled into another class that a mentoring teacher is assigned, on a space available basis or meet with the teacher at another predetermined time. Teachers who are mentors must have time available to meet with the student on an ongoing weekly basis. All aspects of the normal class requirements must be completed. Independent study application forms are available from the Guidance Counselors. All the terms of the form, (which creates a contract between the student, counselor, and teacher), must be met. The application must be approved by the department chairperson of the particular department involved, and signed by the student's counselor, his/her parents, the student, cooperating teacher, department chairperson, and administration. Independent study application forms (including Gifted Program) must be completed and turned in to the proper Guidance Counselor no later than five (5) school days after the start of the semester. Upon approval of the application, the mentoring teacher and student will prepare a course outline, detailing how the course will be delivered. The number of credits to be awarded and the procedure for arriving at a grade must follow the same guidelines that apply to all students in the regular class.

Homebound Instruction

Homebound instruction is usually a short-term program for which assigned teachers offer off-campus education for a maximum of five hours per week to give individual instruction. Homebound instruction is available to incapacitated students who are, according to their physicians, unable to attend school for a period of two or more weeks. The physician's decision to recommend homebound instruction must be based on the premise that it is physically harmful for the student to attend school, keeping in mind that certain modifications in the regular school program may be made to help a student continue to attend. Students parent or guardian must request homebound instruction, obtain the proper forms, and return them to the Home School Visitor. The application for instruction must be approved through the office of the Home School Visitor. Questions about requesting homebound instruction should be directed to the Home School Visitor.